Guidelines for the Use of Evangelism Funds

All churches may and are encouraged to apply for Evangelism funds. The important consideration is not the size of the request, but the faithfulness and commitment God has placed on the hearts and minds of your congregation. Funding allocated is not to fully cover all financies for evangelism events but to help aid them. Accepting your evangelism series check means you will comply with the following:

1. Evangelism funds are to be used both for projects or methods proven to be effective or innovative mission ventures that will allow your church to discover effective and biblical ways of sharing the gospel with those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. 

2. Evangelism funds are intended to initiate projects that may or may not require ongoing support from the Southeastern California Conference.

3. Building space, staff support, and equipment can be included in your requested funds.

4. It is the responsibility of the church to provide an annual written report on the project(s) to the Evangelism/Church Growth department so we can all learn from your Evangelism series.

5. The requested amount in the Evangelism fund may or may not be granted in the year depending on the available funds and proposals that are submitted.

6. Provide keep the record of all documentation/receipts for every expenditure to submit it with the financial report.

7. Monies from this account can be used for musicians, “Bible Workers” or others who incurred expenses. However, you must first contact the conference’s human resource department, and meet all of their requirements, in order to include those expenses in your evangelism subsidy request. Remember; evangelism funds can only be used for evangelistic expenses!

8. Within three months of your evangelistic series, download, fill out and return as an attached file (via email) these two reports. To submit online, click on the respective links below:
a. Evangelistic Meeting Financial Report (to be prepared by the Treasurer)
b. Evangelistic Meeting Results Report

9. If your expenses were less than expected, please return the conference’s unused portion.

Thank you for following these guidelines and the privilege of assisting you with your evangelism efforts.