This office will serve the Southeastern California Conference by providing coordination, support, and relevant resources to help promote, counsel, train, nurture and support the evangelists, pastors, and lay members of this field in the implementation of evangelistic church growth/discipleship initiatives in fulfillment of the Gospel Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all people.

Specifically, this office will:

1. Encourage and inspire the pastors/members of SECC to engage in relevant evangelistic/church growth endeavors.

2. Provide leadership, continuing education, and oversight for the team of conference evangelists and their support staffs.

3. Provide training and nurturing for church members in spiritual gifts discovery, ministry development, and evan-gelism/outreach training.

4. Identify and provide adequate training, support, and mentoring for young pastors and laypersons who show interest and promise in evangelism.

5. Encourage all pastors and church leaders to create healthy church environments that will help churches to become evangelistic centers.

6. Use and implement the strategy of Inspiration, Education, Preparation, and Affirmation.