Process of Applying for Evangelism Funds


1. Listen:
  • Listen to those who are yet to become followers of Jesus and begin to envision a process of sharing God’s love with them through both words AND actions.
  • Enter into a season of discernment and prayer as you listen for the still small voice of God as He reveals His plan and purpose to you and invites you to join Him in His work of reconciling a lost world to Himself.
 2. Write it Down:
  • Submit an application and all corresponding documentation to the Church Growth & Discipleship department for review and consideration.
  • Applications and instructions can be obtained from the Southeastern California Conference website (online submission), or by emailing the department at Please note that the submission deadline dates are as follows; Hispanic Ministry, December 31, 2017; all other churches the deadline is January 31. 2018.
 3. Review:
  • Hispanic Ministry churches' applications will be reviewed in January 2018 and all other applications will be reviewed by the Church Growth & Discipleship department during the month of March 2018.
  • Even as the Discipleship and Church Growth department conducts their review, continue to review your vision and plan, confirming that this is indeed the exciting new thing God is placing before your congregation.
 4. Share:
  • The Church Growth & Discipleship department may personally interview applicants for evangelism fund so that we can better assess your passion, your commitment, and your ability to bring your plans and dreams to fruition.
  • We encourage you to share your vision and plan with others. It is by sharing the new thing God is doing through us that our dreams gain momentum.
 5. Receive:
  • Funds will be distributed to successful applicants starting mid-March 2017. All available funds may not be distributed in 2017, depending on applications/requests received
Click here 2018 Online Evangelism Request Form